We have trained and launched the career of some of Australia's Top Models and Actors for over 45 years.  Learn the secrets of the trade with Tanya Powell and you could be next.


This exciting course for both Male and Female modelling helps aspiring models get their careers off to a great start. It gives them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. By the end of this course you will be skilled in all aspects of the trade. Fast track your way into the modelling world today. We run various courses to suit any schedule.

This includes working with top photographers, casting directors and choreographers,all renowned professionals with years of experience that currently work in the fashion industry.


Our fabulous holiday modelling course is aimed at giving young girls the knowledge and confidence they will need to become a proficient model.

While making great friends, this fun course gives the girls life skills. From makeup and styling to etiquette and deportment,how to walk the runway and move in front of the camera and video, they emerge from this experience ready to model and take on the world with panache and self-confidence.

At Tanya Powell, we have been helping aspiring actors get their careers off to a great start.

With highly skilled and experienced casting directors taking you through your course, we give you the guidance and tips for landing that commercial or improving your drama performance for television and film. You will be trained on how to work in front of the camera and working with product, to create powerful images that can help you capture that roll you have always dreamed of.


OUR Past Graduates have

 become top models and big

 names on TV and in the fashion

 industry world wide


Upcoming Courses

MODELLING for girls

WEDNESday evenings starting 20 JULY

Saturday MORNINGS starting 16 JULY


One week courses during school holidays starting

 MONday 27 JUNE


WEDNESday evenings starting 20 JULY


THURSday evenings starting 30 JUNE





Do you dream of becoming a supermodel, or a famous TV actor or presenter? Or do you simply want to boost your confidence and self-esteem for work, school and when meeting people?   Whichever, you have come to the right place.


At Tanya Powell, we have been helping aspiring models and actors get their careers off to a great start for over fourty years. We’ve introduced new stars and launched new talents. We’ve given them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Which has made Tanya Powell probably the most reputable, established and sought-after acting and modelling school and agency in Melbourne.


We help our students develop poise and presentation, we help aspiring models in developing confidence and self-esteem. Aimed to create the modelling and acting stars of tomorrow, we know how to prepare you for high fashion runway or photography, advertising or editorial; for stage, screen or teleprompter. Many models and actors trained by us have made it big in in Australia and overseas. -

The modelling business is highly competitive and requires total professionalism. Clients need different sorts of people for different jobs, particularly when it comes to advertising and photography – it’s not only the tall, slim models you see at international fashion shows. But what they all demand are people who are trained and competent: people who know what they are doing on the runway or in front of the camera; people who know how to present themselves and look their best, both live and in photos. They haven’t got time to waste on teaching people how to prepare, pose or walk.


 That’s why we offer a complete preparation and thorough guidance to our models and actors, to help them achieve their aims and dreams. We have been in the industry for over four decades now, and have successfully launched many highly successful careers.


For aspiring actors, it is vital to know how to successfully audition for TV commercials, TV series and dramas, presenter work and movie roles. You will be tutored in small groups by experienced casting directors and consultants, directors and media producers.












 It’s always a good idea visit us at our Melbourne CBD studios, where we can show you our facilities,

 and you can see what we’re like face-to-face. Our team will be delighted to see you.

We are located at: 130 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000,

 with ample parking, tram and railway stations nearby.

Your Stepping Stone to Success

Unleashing Your Talent

If you are interested in a career in modelling or acting, or if you just want to gain confidence and learn how to present yourself at your best,

then please feel free to get in touch with us, to see if what we do is right for you. There’s absolutely no commitment.


You can call us on: 03 9671 4592. You can send us a message or any query to our email: melbourne@tanyapowell.com.au .

Or you can enquire online by filling any email form, and we’ll contact you.